You may have heard the term “SD-WAN” being thrown about lately.

SD-WAN is an emerging technology. It makes sense that there are a lot of myths it. Want to know the truth about SD-WAN?

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Myth #1: SD-WAN is the same as WAN optimization

WAN optimization and SD-WAN both reduce bandwidth use. But SD-WAN provides solutions that meet or exceed those offered by traditional WAN technologies:


·      Connectivity to other cloud based solutions

·      Dynamic bandwidth

·      Application acceleration and optimization

·      Support whenever you need it


Myth #2: SD-WAN will replace Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)


SD-WAN allows companies to utilize multiple internet circuits, balance the load across them, and provides a solid quality of experience. 

SD-WAN will reduce reliance on private MPLS links, but not replace it. As long as quality of service is needed, MPLS will be needed.

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Myth #3: The only benefit compared to MPLS is cost

Yes, there are cost effective upgrades when choosing SD-WAN. But the benefits of SD-WAN are far greater:

·      Best overall value and functionality

·      Agility and speed when adding locations

·      Simplification of operations

·      Redundancy, scalability and fault tolerance

·      Quality of experience for critical applications

SD-WAN will open a whole new set of opportunities for your company. It is already a game changer for several of our clients and partners.